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Humanity Care Stiftung (Foundation) – HCS – is a charitable organisation, registered in Germany and Pakistan. It has only humanitarian goals and has no philosophical, religious or political orientation. Its members work on a voluntary basis. The foundation has set itself the goal of aiding the needy worldwide, with specific focus on Pakistan, Afghanistan and Greece for the last twenty years. This includes support on a regular basis – in cash or kind – for organizations that cater to the poorest of the poor, including

  • clinics,
  • hospitals,
  • basic health units,
  • homes for the disabled and mentally ill,
  • eye centres,
  • schools,
  • vocational training centres,
  • orphanages.

It started with a simple concept – to utilize the surplus resources of wealthy societies by sending them to poorer regions in dire need of them. Over the past 12 years, this has resulted in large consignments of humanitarian goods being transported from Germany to poorer countries, with organizations and individuals opening up their hearts and purses to help those who are less fortunate.


Hospitals, doctors and dental surgeons have donated hospital beds, a great variety of medical and first aid equipment, dental units, eye lasers, ultrasound and x-ray equipment, dialyses systems, defibrillators etc. The German Army has donated bed linen, blankets and towels. Pharmaceutical companies have donated medicines. Schools have donated school furniture and other school material. In addition, citizens and companies have made donations in cash and in kind. The foundation has also purchased and shipped ambulances in good condition.


Pakistan is host to more than 2.5 million refugees from Afghanistan, who have suffered decades of war at the hands of the Soviets, the tyranny of the Taliban regime, civil war and terrorist attacks. They urgently need our help in all areas of daily life. Overshadowed by events in other regions of the world, there is a real danger that these people will be forgotten.


Our work in refugee camps involves the care of the sick and rehabilitation of people who have been maimed and disfigured by shrapnel and mines. The foundation regularly purchases wheel chairs and walking aids in Germany to be shipped to Pakistan and distributed to the disabled and injured in the camps and other parts of the country.


Immediately after the massive earthquakes of 2005 and 2008 in the region, the foundation was able to support the affected people with tents, blankets, iso-mats, warm clothes and shoes as well as medicine and medical equipment. Schools were supplied with furniture and other material.


In July /August 2010, Pakistan was hit by devastating floods which affected 18 million people and destroyed 1.8 million houses besides vital infrastructure and left millions homeless with nothing.


It was a deadly blow to an already impoverished region. HCS was able to immediately mobilise relief and support a large number of affected people with lifesaving, supplies and equipment. This included food, drinking water, tents, blankets, bedding, clothes, shoes, cooking utensils, medicine etc. Great attention was given to the provision of clean drinking water. HCS facilitated the use of an innovation developed at the University of Kassel – the water purification system dubbed PAUL – to be utilized in the places of dire need.


Besides relief goods purchased locally, HCS could send 24 airfreight and 6 seafreight loads with relief goods to Pakistan, including 122 water purification plants, dental and hospital equipment and medicine. Three ambulances were added to the fleet already in the country.


Since October 2010, HCS is also contributing funds for the reconstruction of houses and schools in the flood affected area and providing microfinance loans to smallholders.


HCS has managed all these achievements thanks to many dedicated supporters and donors, especially the German Rotary organisation, the WUG and many private companies, various organizations and individuals. Moreover, we have launched a media campaign in local German and the international media to make sure the humanitarian issues are highlighted.


The foundation keeps stringent checks and balances and is lucky to have a staff of dedicated and committed project managers and experts that meticulously and personally supervise the distribution of aid. Thus we can guarantee that the donations reach the people who need them most. Our organisational costs and overheads are less than 2 percent.


For all these measures, especially transportation of aid, the foundation is in urgent need of funds.


Accounts have been opened in Muenster/Germany and Islamabad/Pakistan to receive donations. Collection of funds and help with administrative and fiscal formalities of the foundation is supported by “Humanity Care Stiftung e. V.”



Volksbank Muenster, IBAN: DE39 4016 0050 0523 8384 00

Askari Bank, Jinnah Avenue Branch, Islamabad, IBAN: PK58 ASCM 0000 0816 5050 8813


Humanity Care Stiftung (Foundation) – HCS
Haus Angelmodde 57 a
48167 Muenster / Germany


Tel.: +49-2506-302895
Fax: +49-2506-302896



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Humanity Care Foundation
Humanity Care Foundation


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